Dog Boarding

We have taken considerable time to produce a design/layout for our custom built new build kennels to ensure the most comfortable and happy stay your dog will ever experience. Our extremely comfortable kennels have been purpose built to encourage calm and happy environment where our guests can relax enjoy home from home comforts.

Our luxury rooms are entered via a half height double-glazed PVC door and are very spacious, bright and airy creating a comfortable and calm atmosphere.

The bedroom area has individual thermostat controlled underfloor heating, large comfy raised beds, soft bedding and comfort items. Soft relaxing background music is played during the day and energy efficient LED lighting is operated through the night, to create a calm and soothing ambience for our residents.

The kennels are split into several areas – We have taken pride in creating one section that is specifically designated and designed for the larger breed of dog, as from our own past personal experience trying to find kennels that cater for large/huge breeds is somewhat difficult to find as well as staff not knowing how to handle a large breed properly. We have ensured that some of our kennels are spacious enough to provide a comfortable and happy stay for a family of dogs from one household if required (equivalent to St Bernard size) to be housed together during their stay with us.

The other designated designed areas comprise of a section of kennels which specifically caters for the small dog breeds which is faced away from the large/huge breeds as we know that sometimes small dogs are intimidated by big dogs and vice versa. Therefore both sized breeds may never need to know or see each other throughout their stay (unless owner has specified otherwise). There is also another section which has been designated and designed for the medium sized breeds.

Each section has a separate beautifully mono blocked secure fenced area for the dogs. In addition to this, we also have an artificial grass play area for any dogs with allergies. We have specifically custom designed the kennels with your dog’s needs and wellbeing at heart. Your dog is treated as part our family at Brackenhirst Kennels. We are very passionate about giving all our guests the time, love, attention and exercise they deserve and need. Everything we can do together to make your dog happy, comfortable and settled with us, we wholeheartedly encourage. Therefore feel free to bring along any items of your dog’s belongings whether it is their favourite bed, blanket or cherished toys.

Safety and security of your dog is crucially important to us, therefore we have installed an extensive camera network along with a security alarm throughout the site.

We understand and appreciate the importance of regular human contact. Our professional dedicated staff spend time interacting with our guests, building on gaining trust and a special bond which leads to happy contented dogs..

We also know that off lead exercise and play is also important to a dog’s wellbeing, therefore we have several designated large, secure fenced play areas allowing freedom to run and explore. We have organised play activities for outside which include hunting for treats, chasing and retrieving balls and frisbees, this helps to burn off excess energy physically and it also stimulates the dog mentally throughout the day but most importantly, all of the above contributes in making the dogs stay a very enjoyable experience.

We are unique in the fact that we have a purposely built large nursery room for our quests which is fitted with non-slip safety vinyl and colourfully decorated and filled with lots of activities and areas for your dog to explore, as we DO NOT believe that your dog should be confined to his kennel predominantly. So as well as your dog getting more than ample walking/playing and exercising outside, we think it is rightfully so that he/she get some time in our wonderful nursery room whether it be to have some lazy time, have a story read to him/her or simply just to monkey around and have some fun.

Our kennels are cleaned meticulously every morning using a virucidal disinfectant and pressure washers, they are then dried thoroughly and the kennel staff strive to keep all the kennels clean for the rest of the day,

Food is also very important to your dog, therefore we would always ask/check what your dog’s normal diet consists of. We have a very comprehensive stock of brand name foods to choose from. Stainless steel food and water bowls are provided. We have a fully functional kitchen, so if your dog is on a special diet whether it is prescription or home cooked, you can bring this with you and we will ensure your dog receives this. However there is no discount for providing us with this. Each dog will be fed at the same regular intervals. We provide Kong’s filled with treats during the day; we also provide bed time treats so that your treasured companion doesn’t go hungry during the night.