Day Care Terms and Conditions

Day Care Terms and Conditions

Ultimately, we can only offer places to good natured and well socialised dogs that are able to mix with the other dogs in our care for our day care services.

It is very important that you inform us if your dog is due to be or is in season in season (so we can take precautions to segregate her to minimalise disruption and safety). Proof of up-to-date vaccination certificate must be shown prior to attendance. We accept fully vaccinated puppies from 12 weeks of age. We would also strongly advise that day care guests are vaccinated against kennel cough and have been wormed up to date.

It is known that some dogs benefit from attending day care a few times a week as this new exciting routine stimulates them emotionally, physically and psychologically and prevents them from becoming bored – as well as being destructive when home alone.

Your dog will be fed once at lunchtime whilst at day care (if not required/wanted please inform us). We have a very comprehensive stock of brand name foods to choose from. Stainless steel food and water bowls are provided. If your dog is on a special diet whether it is prescription or home cooked, you can bring this with you and we will ensure your dog receives this. However there is no discount for providing us with this.

If your dog becomes ill whilst being at day care, you will instantly receive a call informing you of this. If we feel your dog needs seen by a vet, we will where possible seek to use your own vet (If your vet is not within close proximity of our day care), then we will use our registered vet. Any costs incurred will be borne by the owner. (if privately insured, costs should be reimbursed by insurance company).


Management reserve the right to refuse admittance, if on arrival your dog appears to be ill. Health and wellbeing of any dog is of paramount to us at Brackenhirst Kennels whilst in our care. With this is mind it is IMPERITIVE that ALL dogs coming into the kennels MUST have an up-to-date vaccination card signed by your vet. Any dog without this WILL BE refused entry, so always keep a check on your dog’s records – as you never know when you will need to use day care.  The kennel cough inoculation is not mandatory for dogs attending day care, as KC is airborne and can be contracted anywhere.  Therefore, Brackenhirst Kennels cannot be held responsible/liable for any dogs contracting KC whilst in their care. It is recommended that booster vacs and kennel cough should be administered at least 14 days prior to booking in at kennels. We also recommend that your dog has been wormed up to to date.


We are fully licensed by North Lanarkshire Council and fully insured. The Kennels Owner/Manager also has a diploma in dog and cattery management.

Terms and Conditions Agreement 

  1. I understand/agree that I am solely responsible for any harm or damage caused by my dog whilst he/she is attending day care at Brackenhirst Kennels.

  2. I further understand/agree that my dog is in very good health to date and has never harmed/injured nor shown any aggression or threatening behaviour towards any other dog or indeed human.

  3. I also understand the importance of notifying staff if I think my dog may be coming into or is in season whilst attending day care.

  4. I accept that whilst my dog is attending Brackenhirst Kennels he/she may be group socialised and although the staff closely and carefully supervise all the dogs, it is still feasible/possible for my dog to receive minor scratches/nicks from rough playing with other dogs (therefore I fully authorise staff to treat minor injuries with my consent). I understand/accept this minor risk – as long as it is pointed out to me by a member of staff upon the collection of my dog.

  5. I further understand/agree that Brackenhirst Kennels and their staff/volunteers will not be liable financially (or other) for any problems that develop, if professional care and precautions are followed whilst my dog is placed with them. Therefore, Brackenhirst Kennels and their staff/volunteers are exempt of any liability whatsoever arising from my dogs’ attendance and participation whilst he or she is placed in their care.

  6. I further understand/agree that should any problem develop with my dog, this will be treated as deemed best by the staff at Brackenhirst Kennels, in their sole discretion, and that I will assume full financial responsibility for any and all expenses involved. I also authorise Brackenhirst Kennels to obtain my dogs medical records and/or treatments from my veterinarian (if within close proximity) or from their own vet/clinic in the event of injury or illness. By signing this document I also direct said veterinarian to provide such records upon request.

  7. I further understand/agree that if I fail to provide proof of current vaccinations – or if my dogs’ vaccinations are found to be expired or otherwise incomplete, Brackenhirst Kennels Management has the right to refuse admittance.

  8. I further agree to all fees set by Brackenhirst Kennels and I understand/agree that there will be an additional charge if my dog is not collected by the set time specified and agreed. I also understand that Brackenhirst Kennels will proceed accordingly to the guidelines of dog abandonment if I do not pick up my dog and that I will be responsible for all legal fees associated with this.

  9. If my dog arrives at the facility with fleas and/or other parasites, Brackenhirst Kennels staff has the right to bathe and quarantine my dog until picked up by myself or my representative, and I take full responsibility for any expenses incurred for this process.

  10. I give permission for my dog to be photographed/videotaped, and/or used in any advertising or media purposes without prior approval by me. All such materials are the property of Brackenhirst Kennels.