The Monkey Runs

Hire one of our fully enclosed and secure play fields

At Brackenhirst, we know how important it is for your dogs to have a secure and enclosed area to allow your dog to run free, without having to worry about him or her running away or off chasing rabbits. We now offer ‘The Monkey Runs’ – our new, fully enclosed and secure play fields! These can be used simply to spend quality one to one time with your beloved dog or to spend time as a family playing fetch, catch or chase with your children, whether they be two legged or four. Our Monkey Runs could just be the ideal solution for keeping fit all round too!

  • Price £6 (all hires are 45 minutes)
  • Max 4 Dogs per booking
  • Dog Walkers/Trainers please call 07976302795 for availability

Fields 1 and 4 are still under construction, but you can book Fields 2 or 3 below.