Doggy Day Care

At Brackenhirst doggy day care we have a team of experienced staff to look after and keep your dogs happy and stimulated. We are unique in the fact that we have a purposely built large nursery room for our quests which is fitted with nonslip safety vinyl, colourfully decorated and filled with lots of activities and areas for your dog to explore. We have a structured timetable that we follow daily with our guests to ensure that they have a fun filled busy/intriguing day. Therefore we guarantee you that your dog will not be bored whilst being here. Below are just a few reasons why to choose our unique day care for your beloved dog:

  • Council Licensed & Fully Insured
  • Non slip vinyl safety flooring for soft play and ease on doggy joints
  • Training and socialisation throughout the day
  • Fun filled daily activities including “running as a pack”

We offer all day supervision with a structured day, whilst at day care; they get to play, exercise and relaxation time when needed in a caring and safe environment.
Dogs are naturally pack animals and they love the interaction and stimulation playing alongside their doggy friends.

Peace of mind for the owner, knowing that your dog is having a fun filled happy time with their doggy friends and our caring, experienced staff, ensuring that your dog will return home a happy contented pet.

Mornings at Day Care

  • 8am – 10am – Guests begin to arrive for an exciting day ahead.
  • 10am – 12 pm – Playtime – including some structured and free play, guests will enjoy sniffing, socialising and interacting with other dogs (supervised at all times).

Lunch time

  • 12 – 1pm – Feeding time.

Afternoons at Day Care

  • 1pm – 4pm – Fun play time, activities include games indoors and outdoors, including a lovely woodland walk in the forest next to Daycare.
  • 4pm to 6pm Time for more interesting play before being collected by mum/dad.